TechnoScienceCulture and Intervention: Experimental Ways of Worlding

Paderborn University, 19–20 May 2022. Organised by Jutta Weber, Veit Braun, Jens Hälterlein

Technology and science are not just inseparably linked today: they have become culture. Specific ways of appropriating the world are configured within science and in technology. They produce contested meanings and more or less liveable worlds. Technoscientific developments thus always drive a recoding, shifting and novel production of ‘what matters’ (Cordula Kropp). 

In the face of these developments, we not only need lucid analyses of how sociotechnical practices and technologies (re)configure our world. Approaches, ideas and concepts for how to sustainably intervene in our technoscience culture are needed, too, along with the development of new experimental practices of world appropriation. How can human, technical and ecological necessities be redesigned? 

These and other questions will be at the center of this two-day symposium in Paderborn. The conference will include keynotes and lectures by invited academics as well as workshops with experimental characters. Please register by 25 April 2022 by mailing the filled-out registration form to Attendance of the symposium is free of charge.