‘Meaningful Human Control’ and Complex Human-Machine Assemblages

In the current issue of “Ethik und Militär” (1/2024, 52- 59), I have published a new article together with Jens Hälterlein entitled ‚Meaningful Human Control‘ and Complex Human-Machine Assemblages. Limits of Ethical AI Principles in the Context of Autonomous Weapon Systems. 

In the article, we discuss the ethical promises of autonomous weapon systems (AWS), which, among other things, cannot be realised in a meaningful way if one does not want to forego the envisaged time gains when using artificial intelligence resp. decision-making and targeting systems. At the same time, AI-based systems are far from being able to perform as complex cognitive tasks as humans. In this respect, claims such as ‘Responsible AI in the Military Realm’ appear to be more rhetoric than a solution.

The full article is available here: https://www.ethikundmilitaer.de/en/magazine-datenbank/detail/01-2024/article/meaningful-human-control-and-complex-human-machine-assemblages-on-the-limits-of-ethical-ai-principles-in-the-context-of-autonomous-weapons-systems