Technosecurity Cultures. Special Issue of Science as Culture

It has been a long way but now I am happy to announce that our special issue of Science as Culture on Technosecurity Cultures – which I edited together with my colleague Katrin M. Kämpf – has been published.


Technosecurity Cultures: Introduction
Jutta Weber and Katrin M. Kämpf

Techno-Securitisation of Everyday Life and Cultures of Surveillance-Apatheia
Darren Ellis

‘Everywhere Surveillance’: Global Surveillance Regimes as Techno-Securitization
Patrick Petit

Securing Identities: Biometric Technologies and the Enactment of Human Bodily Differences
Sanneke Kloppenburg and Irma van der Ploeg

Race, Racism and Identification in the Era of Technosecurity
David Skinner

Imagining the Biometric Future: Debates Over National Biometric Identification in Israel
Michelle Spektor

Pedophilia Screening in Technosecurity Culture The Construction of Dangerous Sub-populations in the Name of Security
Katrin M. Kämpf

Bioveillance: A Techno-security Infrastructure to Preempt the Dangers of Informationalised Biology
Rebecca J. Hest