New Publications: On Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Warfare

An article by Bianca Prietl and myself, in which we historically classify recent developments in data-driven artificial intelligence and critically examine current developments, has recently been published.: “Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Technoscience. In: Routledge Social Science Handbook of Artificial Intelligence. Ed. by Anthony Elliott, Routledge: New York / London, 58-73”.

Secondly, together with my colleague Katja Mayer from Vienna, I pursue the question what role social network analysis plays in data-driven warfare in “Optimizing Military Operations to Targeting Terrorist Networks: Social Network Analysis in Data-Driven Warfare. In: Marcus Burkhardt et al. (Eds.): Explorations in Digital Cultures. Lüneburg: meson press 2021“. More information about the edited book can be found here: