New release: “Drone Imaginaries: The Power of Remote Vision”

What impact do drones have on our society and on our identity as individuals? “Drone Imaginaries: The Power of Remote Vision” was published on June 8, 2021, and examines questions relating to the representation of civil and military drones and the “Drone Imaginary”. My contribution “Artificial intelligence and the socio-technical imaginary: On Skynet, self-healing swarms and Slaughterbots” discusses socio-technical imaginations of the AI capabilities of (mini-)drone swarms in military, defense and policy contexts. Problematic negative as well as positive references to classic Hollywood AI narratives such as Skynet/Terminator or I,Robot lead to an underestimation of drone swarms as weapons of mass destruction. The book was published by Manchester University Press and edited by Andreas Immanuel Graae and Kathrin Maurer: