Techno(ir)rationality and Technosecurity

Vom 1.-3.November fand die Abschlusstagung ‚Affective Transformations: Politics. Algorithms. Media.‘ unseres DFG-Netzwerkes Affect- und Psychotechnologies an der Universität Potsdam mit vielen spannenden Vorträgen statt, die die Ergebnisse unserer zweijährigen Arbeit repräsentieren.
Mein Beitrag hatte den Titel ‚Techno(ir)rationality and Technosecurity‘. Hier der Abstract: „Post-relational databases and learning algorithms can be regarded as paradigmatic media of a new Post-Newtonian (ir)rationality. They do not follow a cause-and-effect logic and traditional norms of scientific rigor but rely on the technical exploitation of surplus processes of so-called emergent behaviour reintroducing imagination via systematized tinkering and formalized processes of trial and error. Keep adding bits and bytes into the system, permanently enlarging the search space, and the number of possible combinations produces more ‚results,‘ which are no longer evaluated in regard to their reliability and probability,but only in respect of their possibility. In my paper, I will show how this fits into a security dispositif in which risk discourses are increasingly enlarged and risk is re-enacted as limitless.